Plug-ins to Improve Cinema 4D Animation Creation Workflow

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3 min readAug 26, 2022


Soon after modeling and light setting, the latest Cinema 4D creation tool sharing, version 3.0, is here again! And this time, XRender brings your tools for animation creation improvement in Cinema 4D. Scroll down for more with XRender!

| Tools to Improve Animation Creation

As a common software for designers engaged in advertising and product performance industry, Cinema 4D is also playing an important role in object motion and animation creation.

Plug-ins to Improve Cinema 4D Animation Creation Workflow | XRender

Having several handy tools, setting several sets of different parameters for different application scenarios, one-click application in actual creation can greatly improve work efficiency, which is very beneficial to the needs of mass production in the industry.

Roll-It (Free)

Roll-It is a Cinema 4D plugin that helps to make objects scroll for free. It is originally developed for Cinema 4D R10 by Eggtion in Germany to allow geometric objects of any shape to quickly animate scrolling without cumbersome XPresso settings.

The latest version, Roll-It.2020, is available for Cinema 4D R20 or later. Roll-It consists of three parts, Roll, Floor and Rotate, and users can choose to use them independently or in combination. You may have an over view of the tool from the video above or learn more details of it in the product blog on Eggition’s website.

Snap To Floor

Similar to the free tool we mentioned above, Snap To Floor helps rotate objects while keeping it to the lowest point on the Y axis. The tool is able to work for groups of objects in the latest version and is compatible with Cinema 4D R15 — R26. You may click here to download it with $19 or check more information of the tool on its official website.

More useful plugins for CINEMA 4D is coming in the way. Stay tuned with XRender and don’t miss the lasted news and 3d creation tips with XRender! In the meanwhile, XRender supports cloud rendering for all C4D versions as well as many plugins and has equipped with a huge amount of high-end render nodes for you. Register now and boost your rendering in a faster, safer and smarter way with us!


Gélatine is an elastic effect simulation plug-in developed by French company Code Vonc. Gélatine means “gel” in French, and if users make good use of the tool, effects like jelly, tofu, pudding, etc. can be presented realistically.

The tool works both on Windows and Mac operating system, and is available for Cinema 4D S22, R23, S24, R25. You may click here to download Gélatine for free and get to know how to use the tool form its online documentation.

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