Fast-forward Your Clarisse Rendering

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4 min readApr 15, 2022


After years of product polishing and version updates, XRender has been able to serve as a stable and intelligent cloud rendering platform, providing efficient and professional cloud rendering services for 3D artists and studios around the world.

At this stage, we will pay more attention to the user experience. According to the feedback of our customers, we continue to optimize the product details, and we are committed to making the XRender cloud rendering service more suitable for the user’s 3D production workflow, reducing complex operation steps and simplifying the user’s rendering process.

Fast-forward Your Clarisse Rendering

As the latest generation of XRender desktop, version 1.22.6 focuses more on render experience improvements and is highly recommended for all users since several fixes and functional enhancement have been made.

Improvements that have been made to speed up your Clarisse rendering including:

Clarisse now support tiled rendering

As a 3D modeling and animation software, the rendering time of files produced by Clarisse is generally long, ranging from a few hours to hundreds of hours. Taking a single frame rendering time of 10 hours as an example, the user needs to wait 10 hours to just check whether the effect is correct of the priority frames, which seriously affects the project cycle.

XRender has supported tiled rendering for Clarisse priority frames in the latest update. For files with long rendering time, users may enable the tiled rendering feature for prior frames to decrease the render time. There are three kinds of tile number are supported: 4, 9, and 16. If the single frame time is 10 hours and you choose to render in 9 blocks, then maybe you can get the render result in1 hour or so. And if it is divided into 16 pieces, the efficiency will be even more faster.

Release your uploading time

This means instead of waiting to upload until all assets are complete, users can choose to upload files that have already been made first and continue to the unfinished ones, then start to render when all the assets that needed for rendering is ready. This can greatly reduce the waiting time for uploading user data assets.

This feature is available for all tasks at once if you enable it in the Generak Setting panel, or for just a few tasks as you like, which you need to check the selection in the parameter setting panel each time when task analysis is done.

Quick access to analysis log

Analysis log is able to provide users with great help in troubleshooting and problems solving. In Submit & Analysis Tab, you may right click the task and choose Analysis Log to have quick access to the directory where the logs are stored easily.

This feature is only available after analysis is complete and is not limited by the analyzing status of tasks.

Added support for task group replication

The task group replication feature allows users to quickly reproduce the environment configuration of the existing task group. This helps to greatly reduce the time waste of repeatedly operation for setting the rendering environment, especially for projects that include multiple software and plug-ins at the same time. Users are now able to avoid configuration errors and configuration omissions in a more effective way.

My Task is ranked first by default, and the remaining task groups are sorted according to the creation time from the newest. In the meanwhile, in order to avoid management confusion in team projects, only the master account has the permission to create task groups.

Optimize full-speed rendering

Different from the previous version, which only render one task at full speed at a time is allowed, in the new version 1.22.6, users can select multiple tasks and turn on the full speed rendering mode at the same time.

This new feature is available for all tasks, in whatever status, in Task Tab. In addition, this operation will be automatically ignored for tasks that have already rendering at full speed.

XRender 1.22.6 is now free of usage to all users. You may download the latest version here or updated to 1.22.6 via the update prompt that pops up when using XRender desktop for cloud rendering.



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